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NINE is..

...a creative production company based in Costa Rica, distinguished

by its creative approach in the production of music videos, commercials,

fashion films and short films.


Initially created as a post-production studio back in 2016,

NINE has transcended into a unique methodology that fuses visual experimentation and an inexhaustible curiosity to bring stunning images

to life, eventually establishing its transformation as a visually powerful production company..

With over 60 productions in their portfolio, NINE has had

the privilege of working with companies, labels and artists

all over the world, while their work has been recognized at prestigious festivals such as BAMV, Bogota Music Video Festival and the

Lift-Off Festival.

In addition, his talent has been highlighted in renowned sites such as Directors Library and OnePointFour, solidifying his position in the industry.


With an identity forged in the passion for images under an honest, innovative and daring methodology, NINE is a testimony of its commitment and passion for challenging visual limits.

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