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Creative Director

Thanks to his training as an editor, Sebas ensures that each cut within Nine's sequences contributes substantially to the message of the product that is being developed. Coming from a family of architects, the analogy between the relationship of the subject in space and the subject within the frame is a fundamental part of his work. He is always looking for new tools to tell our stories with the possibility to adapt to a constantly evolving reality.



Executive Producer

Always looking for the balance in our projects and materializing the team's ideas into a tangible product, David is in charge of developing and producing ambitious projects, and finding realistic ways to execute them. It is a catalyst between the creative forces that surround him and is responsible for synthesizing and planning each step to reach the highest quality of the final product.



Head of Production Design

Marcel has the ability to enhance new scenarios and explore the existence of defined structures to discover new ways of doing things. Disruption and innovation is his strength, always looking for a way to generate proposals and imaginaries that, beyond a visual contribution, rethink the vision of each project, solidifying ideas and observing each challenge as a possibility for growth.

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